a little bit about us

who do we think we are?

We’re a ragtag bunch of engineers, MBAs, and Boston sports fans, bound together by a shared passion for technology (and Red Bull). We’ve been using computers since before we were riding bikes, and love learning about the latest tech advancements. Our entrepreneurial spirit is a cornerstone of our company, and is what inspires us to help our fellow Massachusetts-based small businesses harness the power of technology to grow and thrive.

where did we come from?

It's the classic (possibly cliché) tech startup story: TekDoc was hatched 10 years ago in the dorm room of an enterprising undergraduate. Our CEO Brendon Johnson began working on computers when he was just a kid, and it wasn’t long before he was fixing computers and consulting on equipment purchases for a handful of clients, most of whom are still loyal clients today. Those relationships built the foundation of the company that he runs today – which now centers on a highly knowledgeable staff and personalized service-based culture.

how do we work?

Simply put, our philosophy is that the sole purpose of technology is to help people. Unfortunately, too often we find that technology is source of frustration, rather than fuel for business growth. TekDoc’s mission is to resolve tech-related challenges for our clients, by ensuring that they have the optimal IT solutions in place – solutions that are tailored specifically to each client’s unique challenges, goals, and business environment. This of course requires becoming intimately familiar with the nuances of our clients’ business, rather than provide a blanket solution. Sure, this takes some extra time, but it’s our key ingredient for shared success with the businesses we serve.

want to join the team?

Check out our TekDoc Careers page! We're currently expanding our Business Development team and are looking for a Business Development Lead.