Virtualization Service

Adapt. Virtualize. Overcome. TekDoc’s virtualization includes adapting to ever-changing environments, virtualizing your system and overcoming tech obstacles — all while remaining within budget.

Virtualization –
The Flexible Cloud Tool

A static business never flourishes. The same applies to your servers, network and systems. As your business grows, your technology needs to grow with it. Virtualization creates an elastic environment that promotes computer, storage and network flexibility. Store more servers, run more operating systems and open more applications at one time, without blowing through your budget. Control costs while boosting productivity and communications.

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Fast-tracks Installations

Installing new hardware and software is time-consuming and causes downtime. With virtualization, we significantly reduce setup times by virtually installing, configuring and updating your tech equipment and applications.

Increases Availability

You’re spending too much time managing your technology. We consolidate your hardware, software and operating systems to make updating, monitoring and maintaining your physical devices easier while improving system uptime.

Lowers Costs

Buying multiple licenses racks up costs quickly. By implementing virtualization, you buy a single license and host the rest without extra costs — helping you save on electric bills, maintenance fees and more.

Reduces Downtime

Don’t let routine deployments and updates disrupt your daily production. We host your servers on separate hardware, which means if one server needs maintaining, it won’t affect the remaining servers or result in unexpected downtime.

Go Green with Virtualization

It might sound silly, but virtualization is truly a green experience. Fewer physical servers and other hardware results in using less electricity, throwing away less equipment when it’s time to upgrade and condensing storage space. But, going green isn’t your only reason for switching to a virtualized system. Virtualization improves productivity and makes your daily management easier.

We start by analyzing your current system and determining where you need help improving your virtual footprint. We install our services and continue to support your solution post-deployment. Whether you’re looking to expand your storage, boost your operations or efficiently update your systems, we’re your go-to partner for virtualization services. With our advanced management tools, we proactively monitor your IT and record incidents to keep your tech running at peak performance.

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