Server & Network Management

Strengthen your organization from the network up. TekDoc manages your servers and network to ensure your tech’s updated, secure and efficient without the hassle and distraction of taking care of them yourself.

Server & Network Management –
Who Cares?

You do — or should. Your servers and network are the backbones of your organization. They determine the safety of your files and confidential information, and they’re responsible for how well your systems work. But, taking care of your servers and network is a full-time job, especially if you want to maximize your productivity. TekDoc proactively monitors your systems, tests performance, closes gaps in your security, updates and migrates your servers to boost uptime and efficiency.

See why server and network management is important…

Lowers Costs

Downtime and maintenance costs can really add up. For one predictable, monthly-fee, we reduce downtime and boost business continuity to lower operating costs while maximizing your ROI.

Leverages Uptime

Whether it’s temporary or extended, downtime is not only costly — it’s frustrating. We close the gaps in your security and update patches to keep your systems protected and diminish downtime.

Monitors 24/7

Your servers and network don’t sleep, and when it comes to monitoring your technology, we don’t either. We proactively guard your systems to minimize downtime, quickly resolve issues and boost productivity.

Enhances Security

Keeping your servers and network running at peak performance requires a boost in your security. We implement a multi-layer approach to keep your organization safe from all angles.

Why Does Network Monitoring Matter?

Let’s put it this way — if a server goes down, your network goes down. If your network goes down, you probably can’t access critical files or communicate with important people like clients and employees. If you’re not talking to your clients, then what are you even doing?

By monitoring your servers and network, you minimize the risks of downtime, build credibility and improve workflow. You’ll spend less time complaining about slow computers, and more time checking off to-dos. Plus, since we proactively monitor your servers and network, we’ll resolve problems before you get a chance to report them.