How Can We Help?

Put simply, we offer the most affordable and inclusive IT support available to small and medium-sized businesses in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.

We Handle the Tech, You
Handle Your Business

We hear it all too often…
“I’ve had it! I bought all these computers and printers and servers and all they’ve done is become a gigantic headache. I thought all this stuff was supposed to make it easier for me to run my business?”

We get it. We understand your frustration. And, fortunately, TekDoc is here to help. Our mission is to resolve tech-related challenges for our clients by ensuring that they have the right IT solutions in place and then providing reliable, affordable support to keep everything running at peak performance. We do all of this by providing a subscription-based support plan that covers all of your IT needs under one fixed price.

Delivering IT Support to Over 100 Boston Businesses

At TekDoc, we’re a ragtag bunch of engineers, MBAs and Boston sports fans bound together by a shared passion for computers, technology and Red Bull. We understand technology and have a passion for helping people get the most from it. We’re involved and always available, but if we’re doing our job right, you’ll rarely ever have to give us a call. Maybe that’s why more than 100 Boston-area businesses trust TekDoc to take care of their IT needs.

We’ll Save You Time
and Money

Our subscription-based IT support plan works like this…

You: Pay an affordable flat-fee for unlimited, all-inclusive support
TekDoc: Takes care of everything from complex server migrations to simple email issues

It’s really just that simple. For most of our customers, about 80% of the monthly cost is based on the number of employees in the organization. The rest goes into remote management, help desk support and elective services. If you have a major issue that we need to address, we handle it in-person or over the Internet – no waiting around, no extra charge, no worries!