Mobile Security and Endpoint Protection

Your personal devices are creating gaps in your wireless security. TekDoc strengthens your defenses by implementing security to all of your endpoints, including mobile and tablet devices.

Update Your Systems with
Endpoint Protection

Your business is like a home and you should protect it like one. You wouldn’t lock the windows and doors, but leave your life savings out on the table. Why do you depend on antivirus and anti-malware alone to keep your systems safe? You need to defend your business from every angle, and that includes mobile, wireless and endpoint security. By protecting your endpoints, you add an extra layer of defense to your organization.

See why Endpoint Security is important…

Monitors 24/7

Cybercriminals don’t abide by your business’s operating hours — they attack vulnerable systems at any time. We proactively monitor your endpoints and other systems 24/7 to prevent attacks and resolve issues quickly without damaging your organization.

Consolidates Reports

Knowing where to make improvements is a solid starting point for protecting your systems. We’ll create audits in real-time to locate vulnerabilities, monitor malicious activity and detect attacks before cybercriminals have a chance to breach your endpoints.

Improves Uptime

Breaches and ransomware attacks lead to extended downtime and annoying interruptions. By protecting your endpoints, we strengthen your defenses by closing gaps in your security and boosting your business continuity.

Protects Devices

As BYOD (bring your own device) becomes more popular in the workplace, cybercriminals have gained a new target — mobile devices. We train your employees to properly use their mobile and other personal devices and install advanced security tools to protect your network and business.

How Does Mobile Security Work?

From working remotely to conducting business in the office, personal devices are integrating themselves into the workflow. But did you know that without proper protection your mobile phones, tablets and personal laptops are widening gaps in your security? Any device connected to your network is an opportunity for a breach. You need to protect your endpoints as much as you protect your computers, servers and other systems.

We begin by discussing your use of endpoints in the office. Based on our conversation and industry knowledge, we create a social media plan and endpoint protection strategy to help your team stay protected while using personal devices. Most cyberattacks occur through your email and social media, so we teach best practices for using your favorite applications while connected to the network. Plus, we’ll install advanced security tools including antivirus, anti-malware, firmware and more.