Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services

Step confidently forward with strategic tech support. TekDoc helps you integrate technology into your daily strategies as stepping stones to reaching your long-term goals.

What’s a Virtual CIO?

When it’s time to update your technology or implement new solutions, you have tons of questions to answer and crucial decisions to make. Is your current solution working? Does your solution scale and fit your unique needs? Is it too expensive to migrate your existing solution to a new location? Is it time to look for a better solution? A virtual CIO helps you answer these questions and implement services that fit your ever-changing needs.

See why a vCIO is important…

Aligns Goals

There are thousands of technology solutions in the market and it’s overwhelming. We’ll look through your options to find the best solutions to meet your long-term goals and help propel your business forward.

Develops Roadmaps

Unsure of your next steps? Our vCIO listens to your needs and goals, then creates a roadmap using industry knowledge and strategies designed to help you overcome challenges and reach success while using the latest tech tools.

Customizes Plans

Your business is unique, which is why cookie-cutter solutions don’t work for your organization. We’ll customize solutions to fit your needs, so you’ll never feel forced into a decision or disappointed in a service.

Minimizes Mistakes

Making the wrong decision when it comes to integrating new technologies is a waste of time and money. Our vCIO helps you make informed decisions to save your budget and provide you peace of mind.

But What Does a vCIO Do?

Think of a virtual CIO as your go-to tech expert for finding new services, implementing solutions and planning for the future. You face daily challenges that exhaust your time, resources and budget. Our vCIO team brings you peace of mind by giving you back control of your IT without blowing through your budget.

We create a strategic roadmap designed to make your life easier with solutions that fit perfectly into your environment. Knowing which services work best to solve your tech dilemmas is crucial to saving your wallet and your mentality. With years of experience, our vCIO uses industry knowledge to deliver stress-free tech options for your business.