Email Services

You’ve got mail — but, your inbox is overflowing. TekDoc cleans up your email server to help you save all your critical messages and check unread emails quicker.

Streamline Your Email

Your email is essential to your success, but are you spending too much energy fighting lag time between messages? You receive hundreds of emails a day between team members, newsletters, customers and spam. All of those emails are filling up your inbox and without the proper email solution, they’re causing your email application to slow down. Email services help you streamline your inbox by boosting your storage capability and protecting your business.

See why Email Services are important…

Improves Bandwidth

Overflowing inboxes are decreasing your bandwidth. We provide a solution that expands your bandwidth, improves your email efficiency, frees up your storage and keeps your system protected.

Meets Compliance

Don’t let unprotected email rack up noncompliance fines. We implement training and multi-layer security to help your team identify threats, keep your customer’s information safe and help you meet compliance.

Optimizes Communication

Email is the number one form of tech communication in the office. By cleaning up your system and improving efficiency, we boost your ability to communicate with team members, customers and prospects.

Leverages Cloud

We use the cloud to expand your storage space and provide your email access from work, home, mobile, your favorite coffee shop and anywhere else with a secure Internet connection.

What is cloud email services?

Cloud email services may sound like a fluffy and cute way of sending a virtual message, but in reality, it’s a powerful way of freeing up bandwidth, encrypting your personal information and chats, providing anywhere access and lowering your operating costs. But, if you ask us, nothing’s cuter than boosting productivity and increasing ROI.

We use the power of the cloud to store and protect your email messages. With cloud encryption, we’ll keep your information confidential and help you meet compliance standards. By storing your email virtually, we increase your bandwidth and minimize the time it takes to click through your mail. Plus, you’ll never have to purchase additional, expensive servers to help boost your performance — and that’s something your accounting department can get behind.