Computer & Network Security

Protecting your computers is only half the battle. TekDoc applies strategic, multi-layer security to your network, servers and computer to stop cyber threats from every angle.

Your Crash Course in Computer
& Network Security

You use the Internet for everything — checking email, surfing the web, working with off-site colleagues and more. But, there are a plethora of risks associated with browsing the Internet. From cyberattacks like phishing emails and malicious links to ransomware and spyware, hackers and scammers are anxious to wreak havoc on your computer and network systems. You need multi-layer security to protect your computers and network from impending cyber threats and help support your business continuity.

See why Computer & Network Security is important…

Lowers Costs

Extended downtime, interruptions and damaged technology lead to higher costs, but less productivity. We protect your network and computers from cyberattacks, human errors and other risks raising your monthly operating bill and hurting your ROI.

Leverages Continuity

Nothing is more frustrating than working through a project and being forced to take a break because of downtime or other interruptions. We clean up your system and protect your computer and network to minimize lag and help support your business continuity.

Implements Testing

Making changes to the security of your network and computer is pointless without the evidence of what is and isn’t working. We proactively monitor your systems and conduct remote firmware testing to ensure your IT’s protected.

Improves Accountability

Your customers count on your business to keep their confidential data protected. We monitor your network and computers to locate gaps in your security, close them and keep your customers’ data safe — overall improving your credibility.

Computer & Network Security Prevents Cyber Threats

Antivirus and anti-malware software only gets you so far when protecting your computers and network. Threats occur from every angle— internally and externally — and stopping them requires diligence, industry knowledge and security resources. You need a partner that understands securing your computers and network requires a multi-layered approach that includes training your employees, updating your hardware and patching your systems.

We proactively monitor your system 24/7 to identify malicious activity, locate gaps in your security, close them and keep your systems protected. We know antivirus software isn’t enough to defend your business, which is why we adjust your firewall settings, encrypt your data, regularly update and patch your software and monitor your system to prevent a breach. Plus, by managing your systems, we return critical productivity time to your team.