Cloud Application Hosting

Accessing your favorite applications from any mobile device is no longer a future dream, but a present reality. TekDoc hosts your applications in the cloud, so you can share and store files from anywhere.

Hosted Applications –
What’s That?

Cloud application hosting is all the benefits of your software solutions without being bothered to manage them yourself. You gain cloud file sharing and storage without the extra physical servers, costs or time it takes to maintain them. Your favorite applications including Microsoft Word and Skype for Business are hosted virtually in the cloud to provide you a better tech experience. Cloud hosting means your updates, maintenance, security and management are done quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on running your business.

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Scales Applications

Installing multiple software programs is time and cost consuming. With cloud storage, we host your applications online to update, install and deploy software to various machines easily.

Maximizes Memory

Storing and sharing your files takes a significant amount of bandwidth. Using cloud application hosting, we optimize your storage by encrypting and hosting your confidential data online — available to your team from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Integrates Platforms

The biggest headache of installing new applications is lack of compatibility across your platforms. With cloud hosting, your applications are supported by all the major providers including Microsoft, Apple, Google and more.

Utilizes Space

As your organization grows, you need to expand your storage space. We host your files in the cloud to cut down on the number of physical servers make better use of your server space.

Why Use Cloud Storage?

Are you tired of getting error messages saying your memory is filling up? Is your computer running slow or lagging? Are you facing the choice of purchasing extra servers to accommodate for growth? If you answered positively to any of those questions, then you need cloud storage in your life — like yesterday. Cloud file storage and sharing is your solution for maximizing space, improving productivity, boosting scalability and reducing operating costs.

We host your files, applications and other software on the cloud to free up your space and ease your tech headaches. You’ll gain access to over thousands of application solutions, and we’ll help you shuffle through the pile to locate the options that work best for your business. Plus, sharing files between team members is easier than ever. Share in real-time and collaborate on the same project from different locations. Cloud hosting is your go-to service for easing the burden of the applications you use every day.

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