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From non-profit to financial and beyond, we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes solve their toughest IT challenges. We’ll proactively resolve your hiccups, annoying problems and disastrous issues before you even have a chance to report them.


Your consumers expect a lot from your business. Not only do they rely on you to save for the future, but they come to you for financial advice and guidance. You need technology that helps you satisfy and exceed your customer’s needs—and that’s where we come in. Our TekDoc team optimizes your IT by strengthening your network and security, updating your hardware and software, expanding your storage and more.

Legal Services

You spend a significant portion of your day working on the run. It’s important that your technology solutions allow you to access files and update documents from anywhere with an Internet connection. TekDoc helps you improve efficiency and productivity with scalable, reliable solutions. We implement cloud solutions and boost your cyber security to make working from home, coffee shops, transit and other remote locations safe and convenient.


Strengthening your credibility while lowering costs is a balancing act. You struggle to compete with other causes which hinders your ability to grow. TekDoc believes in your organization as firmly as you believe in your cause. We help you lower operating costs with reliable technology solutions that protect your business from cyberattacks, boost your productivity, improve business mobility and more.


You’re focused on taking care of your patients, but who is taking care of your IT? Between managing your software updates and security to monitoring your systems and preventing attacks, your tech requires constant attention. TekDoc manages your technology with reliable solutions that free up your time and help you meet compliance. We’ll limit your user access to keep your patients’ information confidential and strengthen your security to prevent breaches leaving you with peace of mind.

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