Backup & Recovery Solutions

Make the unexpected feel like it never happened. TekDoc routinely backs up your systems, servers and critical data to create an easy-to-recover version — so you can defeat downtime and get back to doing what you do best.

Do You Have a Backup
& Recovery Plan?

If not, your business is in danger. Unfortunately, disaster strikes more often than people think. It can happen during the middle of an impending deadline, at night while you’re away from the office or during your lunch break when you’re surfing the web. Cybercriminals are becoming smarter, which means a breach and unexpected downtime can occur at any moment if you’re unprepared. But, you can minimize downtime with backup and recovery solutions. By creating a plan, backing up your confidential data and storing a recoverable version of your hardware and software, you remove the risk of ransomware, phishing and other cyberattacks.

See why Backup & Recovery Solutions are important…

Reduces Risks

As humans, we all make mistakes — that includes accidentally deleting your colleague’s portion of the project. We regularly backup your IT infrastructure to provide recoverable solutions for those gut-wrenching “uh-oh” moments and get you back to collaborating efficiently.

Protects Data

Did you know that it’s possible to ruin a cybercriminal’s day? We create encrypted versions of your systems, servers, computers and other significant documents to protect your data and completely eliminate the risks associated with ransomware and other cyberattacks.

Meets Compliance

Protecting your customers’ data is essential to dodging hefty noncompliance fines. We keep their confidential information safe and help you alleviate the risks of racking up fines — even as standards evolve and change.

Eliminates Downtime

Unexpected downtime is annoying and bad for business if left unresolved. By creating easy-to-recover versions of your important documents and files, we significantly reduce the amount of downtime you experience and promote business continuity.

How Backup & Recovery Will Change Your Life

While it may sound a little cliche, backup and recovery solutions are literal game-changers for your business. Did you accidentally overwrite the file you worked on yesterday with changes from a different version? Did your disgruntled colleague delete your entire server? Did a phishing email cause a breach in your system and now you’re experiencing a ransomware attack? With backup and recovery solutions you don’t need to worry — just one phone call separates you from business continuity.

We’re available 24/7 to recover your servers, computers and data remotely. By implementing a data backup strategy, we provide an extra layer of support for your business while reducing your work-related stress. By protecting your customers’ data and your critical files, we help you meet compliance, lower costs related to downtime and ease your IT worries. Plus, with proactive monitoring, we often recognize threats and recover your data in case of a cyberattack.