IT Compliance Support

Don’t leave your customers’ confidential data compromised. TekDoc protects your documents and files from unauthorized users and helps you save thousands of dollars by eliminating the risk of noncompliance fines.

Don’t Face Your Compliance
Challenges Alone

Did you know that over 80 percent of businesses that experience noncompliance fines permanently close their doors two to three years later? Don’t be a part of the statistic. Meeting compliance standards is easy when you have the resources and technical know-how to satisfy regulations. From HIPAA and PCI to WISP and FINRA, you need a partner that helps you navigate the challenges of compliance — even as standards change — and enables you to protect your customers, employees and business from hefty fines.

See why IT Compliance is important…

Saves Money

Failure to meet compliance results in $5,000-50,000 fines per incident. We keep your customers’ confidential data safe by providing a multi-layer security approach that helps you achieve compliance and avoid expensive fines.

Detects Breaches

The gaps in your security are leaving your business and customers vulnerable. We deploy reporting software and proactively monitor your activity to help prevent breaches before they occur and close the gaps in your defenses.

Limits Access

Unauthorized users take advantage of your customers’ confidential information. We reduce the number of employees that have access to critical data and train your employees are how to prevent unauthorized access — keeping your customers’ and your business safe.

Updates Standards

Compliance standards and regulations are consistently updating. We stay informed of the ever-changing rules and pass that knowledge to you to ensure your business is always meeting and exceeding compliance expectations.

We’ve Got Your IT Compliance Checklist

Staying informed of all the different regulations and ensuring your business is checking off every box is overwhelming and stressful. It’s difficult to keep track of changing standards, but it’s even more difficult to bounce back after receiving noncompliance fines. Since compliance plays such a significant role in your business, it’s critical that you partner with a third-party expert capable of managing your IT security and checking off the rules in your compliance checklist.

We streamline your cyber security to close gaps and help you meet HIPAA, PCI, WISP and FINRA compliances. From staying informed of all applicable laws and industry regulations to implementing the technical know-how required to satisfy them, we protect your business and your customers from impending cyber threats. Plus, we train your employees and limit unauthorized user access to show your team how to protect your customers’ confidential information properly.