Email Security Support

Your emails are most cybercriminals’ channel of choice for cyberattacks. TekDoc defends your computers and system from cyber threats by strengthening your email security and training your team.

Tired of Experiencing Email
Security Issues?

Your email inbox is the leading cause of breaches — but it doesn’t have to be that way. The most detrimental problems with your email include phishing emails, malicious links and uninformed employees. Cybercriminals can only get as far as your team lets them. You need a third-party expert to train your employees how to recognize scams, fake emails and other cyber threats. By preventing breaches, you’ll minimize costs and extended downtime while improving productivity and reliability.

See why Email Security is important…

Improves Uptime

Cyberattacks like ransomware cause a roadblock to your productivity. By strengthening your email security, we diminish the risks of unexpected and extended downtime while boosting your daily workflow and ROI.

Eliminates Risks

Cyberattacks cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damages every year—from costs of file loss and downtime to noncompliance fines. We keep your email secured to minimize the risks of a breach and help keep your confidential data safe.

Meets Compliance

Noncompliance fines range from $5,000-50,000 per incident. We train your employees to recognize scams, cyberattacks and more to help keep your customers’ confidential data protected — so you can meet compliance regulations even as standards evolve.

Saves Money

A breached inbox causes unexpected downtime and loss of productivity. We secure your email, close gaps in your system and protect your team from hiccups in your workflow — saving you money and boosting your ROI.

Prepare with a Strong Email Security System

The average employee spends almost three hours a day reading, writing and checking their email. It’s easily one of your largest communication channels, which is why cybercriminals are most likely to use it in an attempt to breach your system. Without the proper security and training, your entire network’s compromised by ransomware, viruses or other cyber threats. You need a partner to protect your business from spam and unwanted intruders.

We implement a multi-layer approach to keep your email, network, system and business protected. From proactively monitoring your activity to training your team how to recognize and remove threats, we’re your go-to partner for securing your email and protecting your customers. We understand that email is a significant tool for your team, which is why we commit to defending it. Plus, using encrypted software and advanced tools, we’ll eliminate attacks before they cause any damage or interruption.