Data Migration & Deployment

Managing your IT is a juggling act. Do you have the flexibility it takes to succeed? TekDoc makes expanding your business easier with fully-managed data migration and deployment support.

You Need a Migration &
Deployment Assistant

Growing and expanding your business is an incredibly exciting, but stressful time. There are different aspects to consider during the process, including server, storage space and computer needs. How will opening a new location affect your servers? What are the costs associated with installing software on new computers? You need an assistant to manage your solutions and help make migrating to a new location and installing software a breeze.

See why Data Migration & Deployment is important…

Transfers Quickly

The biggest tech headache when opening a new location is transferring your files and accessing servers. We quickly set up your computers, network and other tech devices to make moving easier and hassle-free.

Maximizes Productivity

Outdated servers and other hardware can drain your team’s productivity and increase downtime. By migrating your servers and deploying new solutions, we keep your technology running in peak condition and regularly test your systems to guarantee performance.

Monitors 24/7

It takes a hands-on partner to keep your systems performing appropriately. We expand your storage space by quickly migrating your servers and monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure you experience less downtime and more business continuity.

Lowers Costs

Unreliable deployments lead to expensive downtime and most partners overcharge for migrating hardware to new locations. We lower costs by providing reliable migration and deployment solutions for one monthly flat-fee.

Implement a Better Migration and Deployment Plan

When your load times begin to extend, and you notice you spend more time waiting than working, cyberattacks aren’t always the culprit. Technology becomes old and outdated, and no matter how many times you upgrade your systems, sometimes buying new tech is the only solution. But deploying new hardware and transferring your old tech is expensive, time-consuming and exhausting. You need a partner that’s willing to manage your deployments and upgrade your systems for you.

We take care of it all — from installing and deploying new systems and processes to relocating your servers and other hardware when your business expands. We manage your data by installing new hardware, upgrading your software, configuring your systems and optimizing your performance with the latest advanced tech tools. We make the transition to a new or updated system easier with minimal, if any, downtime in between.