Office 365

Collaborating on projects at the same time from different locations has never been easier. TekDoc installs Office 365 using the cloud to give your team anywhere access to powerful Microsoft tools.

Office 365 —
The Better Solution

Why is Office 365 better? You depend on Microsoft applications to help you take notes, create reports, present information and more. Now, imagine being able to do all of that from anywhere with an Internet connection. Office 365 uses the cloud to expand your collaboration capabilities, so you can edit your colleagues work in real-time and turnover projects quicker. Not only does the solution improve productivity and performance, but it optimizes workflow and boosts your ROI. Plus, with the cloud, you can buy one subscription and add licenses as needed — saving you hundreds of dollars.

See why Office 365 is important…

Automates Updates

Manually updating software is time-consuming. Using the cloud, we implement automatic updates to minimize downtime between installations, so your application never crashes due to being outdated.

Resolves Challenges

You spend a significant amount of time waiting to hear back from colleagues. Our services provide additional forms of communication including Skype for Business and Outlook to help you collaborate with your team — despite their out-of-office location.

Lowers Costs

Buying multiple applications and having the manpower to install them on each machine is expensive. We reduce the effort it takes to manage your solutions and using the cloud we quickly install software to multiple machines simultaneously.

Optimizes Multi-Devices

Your daily operations aren’t static — you don’t stand still and neither can your IT. With Office 365, we deploy your favorite Microsoft applications to multiple devices across your network, so you get the mobility you need to succeed.

How Does Office 365 Work?

Imagine you’re traveling to meet with a customer face-to-face. After exchanging pleasantries, you get down to business. They attempt to open the file you sent them, but to no avail. Half an hour of troubleshooting later, you present your pitch without the data you had sent. You convey most of your talking points, but your presentation still falls a little flat. You end up leaving the meeting feeling frustrated at their failing technology and your lack of preparation for the worst-case scenario.

Office 365 uses the cloud to give you access to crucial files and presentations from any device connected to the Internet. You sign into your account, and you instantly gain access to your encrypted documents and projects. No more depending on customers to access your sent files — ultimately minimizing the risks associated with your pitch. Plus, your team has access to the same document in real-time, which decreases the time it takes to provide feedback.