IT Support for Property Managers

Your team members spend a significant part of their time managing properties and you never know what a given day will bring you or them. It is essential that you have a reliable tech partner that your team can depend on and work side by side with as you pursue your long term technology goals

About Our IT Support

Since 2004, Tekdoc has been forming strong partnerships with Property Management companies. We have enjoyed working with Property Managers to support their daily requests and serve their long-term needs.

Here’s what we offer in our all-inclusive managed services…

Years of Experience with Property Managers

We understand that as a property management company you have various locations, and that the needs of each location may vary. That is why we’re on deck to handle whatever the day may bring by supporting your daily requests and ensuring that your network is set up to meet the long-term needs of your organization.

Outsource or Upsource We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re a smaller business with no IT person or a medium-sized business with an IT team that is a bit overwhelmed, TekDoc is here to help. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable technicians becomes an extension of your organization – lightening your workload by taking care of routine maintenance, monitoring your systems for vulnerabilities and troubleshooting issues as they arise. Plus, we do all this at an affordable rate with no surprise fees.

  • You pay a fixed monthly fee for us to keep everything running smoothly, no matter what.
  • There is no limit to the number of help desk or support hours you can use.
  • We do all of the proactive maintenance we can to minimize downtime.
  • You enjoy the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about IT issues.
  • Our rates are affordable and usually cost less than hiring a full-time IT professional.