Remote & Onsite Support

Get the support you need without paying extra. TekDoc cures 99% of your tech headaches remotely — but is informative and efficient at resolving the other 1% onsite.

Why Remote Computer Support?

The simple answer? Because it’s just better. Let’s say you have two identical, vulnerable systems — one with remote support capability and one with onsite support only. Each system is attacked by a cybercriminal, but what happens next is two completely different outcomes. Remote support ran a diagnosis and was able to identify vulnerabilities and close gaps to prevent the attack before it occurred. The onsite only system was successfully attacked and after some downtime, the threat was removed. By combining remote and onsite support, TekDoc ensures you have a power-support duo to prevent and diminish downtime without charging extra for occasional onsite visits.

See why remote and onsite support is important…

Prevents Attacks

Close gaps before they result in breaches. With our ongoing remote support, we’ll identify vulnerabilities, patch and update your systems and prevent cyberattacks and other errors before they occur.

Boosts Uptime

Are you used to wasting time waiting for an expert to come fix your computer issues? You deserve better, which is why we minimize your downtime with proactive support and quick onsite visits.

Integrates Updates

Outdated software is like leaving the front door unlocked. We’ll keep your software and hardware updated to prevent cybercriminals from coming through your front door and help you sleep worry-free.

Reduces Costs

Most tech teams charge extra for onsite visits. We believe in a comprehensive support solution, which is why our remote and onsite computer support’s included with our managed services for one flat-fee.

Remote & Onsite Support –
Your Power Duo

If you could prevent problems from occurring in the first place, wouldn’t you? With remote and onsite support, you get the proactive monitoring and threat prevention supported by effective onsite visits. You can rest easy knowing that if challenges can’t be resolved remotely, that an expert will be there shortly to get your systems back up and running.

We think it’s ridiculous to pay more for support services. That’s why our managed services include comprehensive remote and onsite computer support. But, we support more than just computers. We’ll monitor your servers, network, cloud storage, security, applications and other software to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.