Four pitfalls to avoid when picking IT support in Boston

by Ryan McLaughlin

Posted Monday, 08 February 2016

The city of Boston may be known for its historical importance, but it's quickly gaining significance in another field – technological innovation. More and more established tech companies are making the City on a Hill their home, but they're not alone – startups and small businesses are thriving as well, and they've all got needs for IT support. Boston has that in spades, as well, but not all managed service providers are made equal. With that in mind, check out this list of four pitfalls to avoid when picking an IT support provider in The (USB) Hub of the Universe.

1) They're not local.

When picking your Boston IT support provider, be sure to check that they're actually located in Boston! The trend in customer service nowadays is to outsource everything because it's cheaper, but cheap doesn't mean effective. A non-local provider can't be on site for emergencies, can't visit your business to get to know you and your employees, and most importantly, can't relate to you. When you look for IT support, Boston-based is your best bet.

2) They don't respect your time.

Being local isn't enough, obviously; your Boston IT support provider needs to have a plan. When you meet with a representative for a managed service provider, make sure you're not the only one asking questions! Vet potential providers by asking them for suggestions to improve your current IT setup and make your business more efficient.  Ask them about their support teams, too – if their support isn't up to snuff, any issues you contact them for will end up frustrating your staff and slowing your business down.

3) They don't respect your IT support needs.

Finding a provider that treats you and your employees as people rather than revenue is important when looking for IT support. Boston may be cold in the winter, but that's no excuse for chilly support staff. Pick a provider with staff that aren't afraid to have a conversation while they work. More importantly, find one that treats your emergencies as if they're their own emergencies! When something important breaks (and it will), you want an IT support team that will get on the issue quickly and do their best to solve it.

4) They don't know how to have fun.

The company that plays together stays together! When you look for IT support in Boston, find a company that treats its employees well, because that means they'll treat you well. What's more, low turnover and high morale ensure that your needs will be met consistently and effectively by a company that hires the best employees. After all, it's a lot easier for that support engineer to solve a problem for you when they're familiar with your business and they have the knowledge to back it up. If you can find a Boston IT support company that knows how to treat its employees well, you'll know you're getting the enthusiasm and skill to help your business thrive.

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